Jared Brandon: Student Honors Activities Council President

As our fall semester kicks into high gear, it is easy to lay aside the finer things in life. The Creative Arts Festival is a refreshing way to relax and explore the culture of art, music, food, poetry, and film. These events will be held on November 12th-13th at 7:00pm in the Sub. Students and faculty will participate through performing arts, food submissions, visual art submissions, and by simply supporting with their attendance and appreciation. Monday the 12th will be the open mic night, facilitating most of our events. The performing artists will provide a delightful backdrop for attendees to enjoy while they sample the foods submitted as culinary art. Visual works of art will surround the stage upon which Dr. Matt Byars will share his poetry and serve as our host. On the 13th, we will be screening the beloved family favorite, Pixar’s Up. Tim Day will be there to guide the students through their exploration of the movie’s artistry, creative devices, and emotional captivity.

The Creative Arts Festival has occurred annually for 4 years, and it has shaped into a well-honored tradition. I am personally excited for the festival because I have been a part of it since its birth. My brother, Drew Brandon, initiated it when he held the office of President of SHAC, which is the office which I now hold. I remember when he first mentioned the event to me. He was dripping with enthusiasm and he couldn’t wait to get it off the ground. I designed the advertising posters for the very first Creative Arts “Week”, and it was a true joy. Every year, it has become more special. Come support it this year as we strive to make it the most successful Creative Arts Festival ever.

Peace and Blessings,

Jared Brandon

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