Student Involvement: Honors Representatives Visit the Capitol

The LCU students “gavel in” with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst

On Thursday, March 21st, seven individuals from LCU traveled to Austin to meet with fellow Texas College Republicans and attend a special breakfast with our Lieutenant Governor, David Dewhurst. The meeting was facilitated by Honors senior Kristen Vander-Plas, who was joined by fellow Honors students Alexis Farrell and Weston Wyly. We are thankful our Capitol gave the surrounding universities an opportunity to speak their minds and we are proud of our students for being active in the community. Read each of their responses below.

Alexis Farrell, Freshman:

“Having breakfast with the Lieutenant Governor was such a blessing and an enlightening experience. Not only did we have the opportunity to hear his beliefs and how he is trying to carry them out in legislation, but he asked us about our beliefs too. We were able to express our concerns about the government and feel confident that we were actually being heard. Because of this and the great relationships made with students and faculty, the time spent at the Texas Capitol was a truly unforgettable experience. I am so grateful that LCU encourages events like this for their students.”

Weston Wyly, Freshman:

“Our breakfast with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst was an incredible experience. This meeting provided a unique opportunity to sit down with the man that presides over our state senate, to voice our concerns, and to discuss what he could do to strengthen the trust we have in our state’s future. There were students from the University of Texas, Texas State, and several other large scale universities. It was amazing to see Lubbock Christian University having more students at the breakfast than these powerhouse state institutions. The TEG (which greatly benefits many Lubbock Christian University students) was just one of the topics mentioned. Hearing the Lieutenant Governor personally promise its continuation was reassuring and exciting. This shows that the impact made by Lubbock Christian University and institutions like it are seen by many.”

Kristen Vander-Plas, Senior:

“I was proud to facilitate the meeting with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and equally glad that so many from LCU were able to attend (we represented 7 out of 28 total attendees). Gov. Dewhurst was so gracious with his time, answering all of our questions, encouraging us in our career fields, and overall making us proud to be Texans and Americans. I especially appreciated the time he spent telling us about his family and his father’s experience in France on D-Day. Then, he allowed us to “gavel in” the Texas Senate – even taking pictures with us up on the dais! His generosity in time was amazing.

Additionally, it was a real treat to spend time with each of our Lubbock representatives: Senator Robert Duncan, and Reps. Charles Perry and John Frullo. All three were very enthusiastic in their support of LCU and I was proud to be an LCU ambassador. Special thanks to our Executive Vice-President Brian Starr, who, despite an incredibly full schedule, dropped everything in order to accompany us when it became clear we needed a faculty sponsor.”

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