Fall 2013 LCU Washington Interns

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D.C. Interns Depart Lubbock

DC Interns airportPictured together during a layover in Dallas, the LCU Washington intern group is made up of: (top, l-r) Cameron Winegar, Keegan McCrady, Allyson Reeves and Crissta Morrison and (bottom, l-r) Angela Crouch, Masy Miller and Kalee Robinson.

Six Lubbock Christian University students departed Lubbock on Wednesday morning as they headed to Washington, D.C. for their semester of academic internships as part of the LCU Washington program. The group was adding a member on a connecting flight in Dallas, which brought the total number of students to seven for the fall semester. This group joins a legacy of 25 previous LCU interns, bringing the total of participants to 32, spanning a total of 11 semesters that the university has sent students to take part in the program since the fall semester of 2006.

Under the direction of Dr. Stacy Patty, Director of the University Honors Program and Professor of Religion and Ethics, the LCU Washington program has become one of the premier intern opportunities for the university. The Washington Center, which places some 1500-2000 students in internships each year, coming from over 450 colleges and universities, including public as well as private institutions, has named LCU the “Private University of the Year” for 2013. LCU will be honored by the National Press Club on October 7th in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Patty introduced the seven students that will be interning in D.C. this fall during an announcement to the LCU campus community and they are: Angela Crouch, Economics major, working at the Consumer Goods Forum; Keegan McCrady, Biology graduate, working at the Ecological Society of America; Masy Miller, Accounting major, working at the U.S. Department of the Interior; Crissta Morrison, Humanities/English major, working at the Koch Institute; Kalee Robinson, Sport Exercise Psychology major, working at the DLE Agency, a full service sports agency; Cameron Winegar, Youth and Family Ministry major, working at the U.S. Department of the Interior; and Allyson Reeves, Humanities/History major, working at a museum to be announced.

The students will be working 36 hours per week in professional entry-level internships, completing a rigorous co-curricular leadership/civic engagement component, and taking an academic course in the evenings.

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