“Small Classes, Excellent Faculty”

Virtually eveDr. Wiebe and studentry university recruiting brochure will include mention of these key features, the small class and the excellent faculty. They emphasize these aspects because class size and faculty quality matter more than aesthetics or extracurricular activities.  College students and faculty learn best when they personal interaction, mentoring relationships, and creative learning experiences.

The LCU Honors Program takes these matters seriously.  Faculty are encouraged to develop one-on-one independent studies with students, as Dr. Mark Wiebe tutors Amy Edwards (pre-dental major) on a theology text.  And some classes are small enough for a professor’s office.  Dr. Bryan Fisher (Ph.D., OSU) works with Dr. Fisher with studentsCalculus 3 students in a spring semester course.

Honors students at Lubbock Christian University complete a thirty-hour Honors Core Curriculum.  First-year classes range in size from fifteen to twenty-five, and all courses are taught by faculty with terminal degrees.

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