Interns Take on Washington, D.C.

Three Hon13310422_10201810339177857_3291286498355228893_nors students, along with four other LCU students, are well into a summer’s work in Washington, D.C. as part of the premier LCU Washington program.  Will Wehe, a senior Accounting major, is interning at Partners for the Common Good. Kylee Weeks, a junior History major, is working at the Naval History and Heritage Command Museum.  And Madeline Cannon, a junior Accounting major, is interning in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer at the Department of Labor.  The program, established in 2005, provides opportunities for fifteen students annually to work for a semester in Washington while receiving full academic credit.  In addition to a full time entry-level job, the students participate in a variety of professional development, networking, and leadership training experiences.  LCU Washington partners with The Washington Center for Internships, which provides housing and DC oversight.  Through the generosity of LCU friends, interns receive an 80% scholarship to cover program costs.  Honors students receive priority consideration for acceptance into the program.

Of course, no semester in Washington is complete without touring the area.  We have ample evidence that Will, Kylee, and Madeline are not neglecting that aspect of the summer, as seen in these photos.

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