Happy Thanksgiving!

Although we all know that the first Pilgrims did not celebrate Thanksgiving as we celebrate it today, Thanksgiving is still a special time of year for everyone here at the Honors College. At this time, we are reminded of all the great blessings we have received in the past year. We are thankful for becoming a college this year, with our own Dr. Stacy Patty as the Dean of the Honors College. Without him, we would all be lost. We are thankful for the people who help run the Honors College, special regard to Dr. Amanda Boston and Mrs. Page Carter. We are thankful for our office and the ability we have to send our students across the globe. The Honors College strives to enrich the lives of each honors student, and so we provide guest lecturers who speak on everything from evolution to social issues to hard religious questions. Our students recently had the chance to listen to Melvin Tinker in his lecture “The Tyranny of Tolerance”. We also encourage our students to partake in cultural events, such as watching a musical or visiting an art gallery. Recently our students had the chance to partake in another Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Concert. However, despite all that we do to help our students, we know we could do none of this with the blessings we have received from God, and so we are thankful and want wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

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