Exciting New Changes in the Honors College

The Honors College is a great place for students to learn and grow to their highest potential because we are constantly searching for new ways to help students thrive at LCU. This semester, the Honors College is excited to announce the introduction of a new honors curriculum. Before, the Honors Program only offered a few classes and all such classes were required. While this did increase our students’ cultural knowledge, the old curriculum was difficult for some honors students to successfully complete, making classes stressful instead of enlightening. Dr. Patty, the Dean of the Honors College commented, “As the program was growing into a college, more Honors-specific courses have been needed without increasing faculty teaching loads.  I am thankful to Associate Dean Boston for developing this innovative new approach and grateful for the support of the university deans and chairs.” This new curriculum officially begins in Fall 2017, and it will have two tracks for Honors students to choose from, giving the students more flexibility as they pursue a vast variety of degrees.

New Honors Curriculum:

Honors College Graduate—24 Hours Honors College Scholar—30 Hours
·         6 hours from Bible (3 if one is a Bible major)

·         3 from History

·         3 from English

·         12 from any Honors class


·         6 hours from Bible (3 if one is a Bible major)

·         3 from History

·         3 from English

·         12 from any Honors class

·         Completion of Honors Thesis Program—3 hours of research and 3 hours of thesis


With this new curriculum, the Honors College will be able to offer more Honors classes by both taking sections of the university core and designating those classes as Honors classes, and also by offering more Honors classes in different academic fields. This means, as Dr. Patty said, “Our students will now have more opportunities for advanced learning in their fields of study, and our overall university will be strengthened.”

The Honors College is pleased to officially introduce this new curriculum in Fall 2017, allowing all of our students the freedom to learn and grow with the support of the Honors College. Dr. Boston concluded her presentation by informing everyone, “More details will be listed in the 2017-2018 Honors College Handbook & University Catalog. Our hope is that all Honors students can benefit from the added flexibility of these two tracks.”

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