Writing with Honors

Lubbock Christian University seeks to provide students with all the resources that they need to IMG_20190220_1358202thrive in their education, and one of these benefits is the Writing Center. Located in the University Library, the Writing Center helps students become more proficient writers with the assistance of student consultants.

For the fall 2019 semester, the Honors College is proud to announce that all twelve Writing Center consultants are members of the Honors College, and four of these consultants are Mattox Presidential Scholars. While the Writing Center does not exclusively hire Honors students, it does recruit student mentors who demonstrate proficiency in writIMG_20190220_1359140ing, academic excellence, and a spirit of kindness and joy. These consultants are fellow learners alongside the students who visit the Writing Center.  The mentors give feedback on particular papers with the goal of improving overall student writing. LCU students expect the Writing Center to be a safe and comfortable place to grow as writers and gain confidence on individual assignments.

Professor Jana Anderson is the faculty leader of the Writing Center, which began in the fall semester of 2009 with four consultants. Under Professor Anderson’s gentle and purposeful direction, the Writing Center has steadily grown to help students across the university. In the fall 2018 semester, the Writing Center saw an average of fifteen students a day, helping a total of 738 students to grow as writers throughout the semester. The Writing Center at LCU is similar to other writing centers across the nation, and it continues to extend its influence at Lubbock Christian University.

Sr. Honors English major Jeremy Laughery discusses a paper with an LCU student.

The spring Writing Center consultants and their majors are Honors students Emily Baum (Exercise Science), Samantha Blount (English), Journee Cotton (English and History), Emily Gray (Exercise Science), Taylor Haynes (Social Work), Jeremy Laughery (English), Zachary Long (Graphic Design), Crystal Martinez (Digital Media Arts and Application), Stella Oliver (Biology), Hayli Sexton (Early Childhood Education), Luke Shelburne (Bible), and Madison Wheeler (English and Pre-Law).  “We are pleased that Honors College students representing so many academic disciplines are also gifted writers,” comments Dean Stacy Patty.  “These students serve others and represent LCU well.”

As the Writing Center expands, it has begun to host workshops on campus to help students practice more specialty writings including resumes and research abstracts. In addition, students across campus are encouraged to practice their creative writing skills during contests held throughout the semester, such as the Writing Carnival and holiday celebrations. Professor Anderson is also partnering with Dr. Kenneth Hawley to expand the relationship between the Writing Center and The Rhodes Family Institute for Undergraduate Research. The Writing Center has exciting plans for the future, and the Honors College is ready and able to assist the Writing Center as it continues to expand and develop. The Honors College is proud of all the work the Writing Center does for the students at Lubbock Christian University and the twelve consultants who are working in the center this spring. These Honors students are a blessing to all the students who visit the Writing Center, and the Honors College anticipates continued influence and service to the Writing Center and the university.

This blog was written by Honors student and Mattox Presidential Scholar Sarah Fantinel.

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