Calling Honors Applications

The Honors College is a prestigious program at Lubbock Christian University that seeks to offer its students interdisciplinary education. Stressing interdisciplinary education at the undergraduate level is an innovative academic enterprise that dramatically shapes students to enter the work force with a broader and more well-rounded understanding of themselves and the world around them. Dr Stacy Patty, the dean of the Honors College, says that the main goal of the Honors College is to give students a liberal education that allows them to be well-informed and articulate in both the arts and the sciences. Students are encouraged to carefully consider God’s purpose for their lives as they search for their vocation, and the professors within the Honors College are well equipped to help students walk through that process. It is this time of academic exploration that truly helps students develop a strong self-identity and the confidence necessary to enter the workforce.

Students take a variety of classes, ranging from English to psychology to chemistry, and this variety shapes how students view the other disciplines. Here at the Honors College, we believe that each discipline has a unique perspective on life and the world that should influence the leaders of tomorrow. As such, participating in the Honors College is a privilege that encourages the habit of excellence. In addition to encouraging excellence at home, the Honors College also encourages students to expand their education with travel. With opportunities to study in Spain and Oxford and to work in Washington DC, Honors students have a variety of opportunities to gain a more liberal, interdisciplinary education. Co-curricular experiences are built into the foundation and structure of the Honors College because student learn in more places than a classroom. Some professors take Honors classes on field trips. The Honors College encourages attendance at Symphony concerts and theatrical productions. Honors students attend lectures on topics as wide ranging as archeological talks to interdisciplinary discussions of science and faith to attending and presenting at national research conferences. Honors students frequently present at LCU’s own Scholar’s Colloquium and at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research. The Honors Program is designed to help students delve into an interdisciplinary way of learning and interacting with the world, and the Honors College continues to expand. The newest addition is the medical school agreement with the TTUHSC that helps qualified pre-med students waive the MCAT during their junior year at LCU.

In order to become a part of the Honors College, incoming students must have an ACT score of 27 or a SAT16 score of 1260. Prospective students must also complete the Honors College application, which can be found on the Lubbock Christian University website. Once a student has been accepted into the Honors College, the student will complete 24 hours of Honors classes, many of which replace traditional core classes, in order to earn the status of an Honors Graduate. If the student elects to take senior research with the Honors College, the student will earn the status of an Honors Scholar. The Honors College is currently accepting applications for incoming freshman for the 2020-2021 academic year and is excited to meet the incoming class of Honors students.

Honors Seal

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