Honorably Thankful

As Thanksgiving is here again, students are busier than ever as they finish projects and begin studying for finals. In this time of endings and beginnings, we have asked our Honors students to reflect upon what they are thankful for this year. Each of their responses reflects an aspect of the Honors College, reminding us all that God is doing great work through the Honors College.


Josh Starr, a senior Mattox Scholar and Business major says,

I would say the thing I am most grateful for, regarding the Honors College, is the willingness of the faculty to work with me. They have all been so great, especially Dr. Patty, in helping me figure out my course work, internship programs, and career placement, and I can’t thank them enough for their encouragement and support as I look to move to the next chapter of my life in May!

Brayden Kelly, a freshman undeclared major, says,

Honestly what I have been grateful for has been knowing that I can stop by Dr. Patty’s office and ask anything I might need.

Shelby Alhlgrimm, a sophomore Mattox Scholar and Family Studies major, says

I think the thing that I am most grateful for in the Honors College is the professors. They are always there to help when you need them and are incredibly knowledgeable.

Caleb Scoggins, a junior Business and English major, says,

I would have to say that I’m grateful for the support that I have from faculty to face challenges on my own terms and grow in academic and moral standing as a result. I transferred to LCU so I am fully aware of how little support professors at other universities offer to their students in these circumstances. At LCU, however, I have never felt like the professors in the Honors College are at all bothered whenever I ask them for advice or help with a particular academic inquiry or with a moral dilemma I am working through. The Honors College offers me an incredible wealth of resources that helps me grow as a person. That’s why I’m grateful for the Honors College.

Caitlin Mannon, a senior Mattox scholar and Biochemistry major, says

This year, I am grateful for the professors of the Honors College that have encouraged my academic and personal growth through the courses I have taken. I am also so thankful for the friendships (old and new) that have come from the community of Honors students in my last four years here!

Elyssa Reaves, a senior Theatre major, says

I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to participate in events that encourage learning and cultural reflection.

Taylor Haynes, a senior Mattox Scholar and Social Work major, says,

This year, I’m thankful for the opportunities for growth the Honors College has provided. I’m grateful for the professors who have taught and encouraged me, and I’m also appreciative of the friendships I continue to make and strengthen through the Honors community. The Honors College is an environment that fosters growth and support.

Addison Blevins, a freshman Early Education major, says,

I am grateful for the wonderful people who are always so supportive and helpful.


The Honors College wishes everyone, including its students and professors, a happy Thanksgiving as we all take time to remember what we are thankful for this year. The Honors College is thankful for its students, who are interested and engaged in classes and activities that encourage the growth of relationships and the development of new thought processes. The Honors College is also thankful for its faculty and staff, who are devoted to the growth and development of students across LCU campus. We wish all a happy Thanksgiving and a strong finish to the fall semester.

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