NCUR Congratulations!

The acceptance letters for the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) have arrived, and the Honors College is proud to announce that of the 17 LCU students who were accepted to NCUR this year, 12 of them are Honors students, as listed below.

1. Kailin Davis is presenting “Developing Tryptophan Mutants to Monitor Nucleotide Binding Domain Activity in P-glycoprotein, an ATP Binding Cassette Transporter.”

2. Sarah Fantinel is presenting “Uncovering the Novella: An Exploration and Identification of Generic Form.”

3. Kaitlyn Fell is presenting “Characterization of Fatty Acid Composition in Peanuts.”

4. Peyton Fortner is presenting “JK Rowling’s Theory of Education.”

5. Taylor Haynes is presenting “Employee Disability Accommodations Specific to Social Work Tasks.”

6. Caitlin Mannon is presenting “Investigation on Fatty Acid Variants in Arachis hypogaea for Selective Breeding.”

7. Joshua Ochoa is presenting “Sequence diversity in Ara h 3, a major allergen in cultivated peanuts.”

8. Rita Reyes is presenting “The Construction Worker Act of 2020: A policy Proposal for the Integration of Undocumented Immigrants into the United States of America.”

9. Caleb Scoggins is presenting “Restorative Rhetoric Moving the Nation.”

10. Luke Shelburne is presenting “Swords into Plowshares: An Ecological Reading of the Prophet Micah.”

11. Caleb Ward is presenting “Gotham before Joker: Taxi Driver’s Violent Road Less Traveled.”

12. Madison Wheeler is presenting “Harper Lee as the Jane Austin of South Alabama?: From Social Critique to Social Justice.”

Congratulations to these 12 Honors students, and congratulations to all of the students going to NCUR this year. We are proud of your work and are excited to see the results of all of your time doing research in the lab, the library, and the field.

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